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Cannata's Final Miami Dolphins Seven-Round Mock Draft

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The NFL Draft is less than a week away so it's time to finalize my draft board and predict what the Miami Dolphins will do on May 8, 9 and 10. Here is a full Miami Dolphins seven-round mock draft!

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This is my fourth and final mock draft for the Miami Dolphins. This started about a month ago with a position mock draft, then I put players in the first two rounds, then players in the third and fourth round. Now, I put players in the remaining rounds and also tweak up the draft a bit.

Round 1: Morgan Moses - Offensive Tackle
In my first three mocks, I had the Dolphins taking a linebacker. After some information coming out and watching games from last year, I believe that the Dolphins won't mess around and will get their right tackle right away. While I think Jake Matthews is a real possibility if the Dolphins trade up into the top ten, it makes things complicated when you're trying to mock and start working in trades.

Therefore, if Matthews isn't available, the next tackle on the board would be Morgan Moses. Zach Martin makes a ton of sense too but he will most likely be gone by the time Miami picks.

Moses is 6'6 and weighs 325 pounds. He was a team captain at the University of Virginia and played in 47 games, starting 43 of them. While Moses isn't as athletic as the other top tackles, he has a solid frame and has great fundamentals. His punch is very good and knocks defenders backwards. Keep in mind that one of the reasons why the Dolphins chose Branden Albert over Eugene Monroe was because of his explosive punch. Moses can be just as good with his.

Moses would be able to come in and start right away and be an anchor on the right side of the line for the next decade, especially since he has no injury concerns coming into the NFL.

Round 2: Austin Seferian-Jenkins - Tight End
There has been a lot of talk about the Dolphins selecting a linebacker early in this draft and I even thought that they might do that as well. After giving out big contracts last year though, I don't think the Dolphins take one this early. In addition, they plan to move Koa Misi to the middle and that should solve some problems. With another year in the system, it's possible Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler improve their play.

That's why I'm going with Seferian-Jenkins in round two. He is just about 6'6 and would be a nightmare for opposing teams to cover. He played in 37 games at the University of Washington and started in 35 of them.

He is a well-rounded tight end who is a great run blocker but also a huge mismatch in the passing game. He has long arms and makes catches that you wouldn't expect him to make. His ability to separate himself from defenders in traffic allows him to be dynamic. While he doesn't have a ton of speed, he will catch just about everything that is thrown his way and would immediately become one of Ryan Tannehill's favorite targets.

Round 3: Tyler Starr - Linebacker
Coming into the draft, the Dolphins have quite a few needs. Their primary ones though are offensive tackle, offensive guard, tight end and linebacker. They cover their third need here by selecting Tyler Starr from the University of South Dakota.

Starr is not a big name but he is a great athlete who will be able to compete for a starting position right away and would likely replace Philip Wheeler. He is 6'4 and weighs 249 pounds. He played in 35 games and started 32 of them and was the captain of the football team.

Starr has an explosive jump off the ball and seems to always find a way to effectively navigate through traffic. In fact, his three cone drill was better than any defensive back at the Combine. While he is still raw, his instincts and physical acumen will make teams give him a hard look. For the team that gets him, which I'm hoping will be the Dolphins, they won't be disappointed as I feel that Starr will become a solid NFL player.

Round 4: Cody Hoffman - Wide Receiver
The Dolphins have been bringing in a lot of wide receivers in for visits so their interest in one is real. In addition, if Mike Wallace doesn't perform well this season, they can get out of his contract going into the next offseason without much of a penalty. While they may not need immediate wide receiver help this year, it may be worth drafting one to develop to slide in to a starting role in 2015.

Cody Hoffman fits that role. He is just about 6'4 and weighs 218 pounds. He played in 49 games at Brigham Young University and started in 40 of them.

His size compares to players such as Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin. Obviously, his upside right now isn't as large as theirs, which is why I'm projecting him to be drafted this late. However, he can become a mismatch on the field, especially in the red zone. In traffic, he is able to get up at the highest point and catch the ball. After the catch, he is very hard to bring down.

The downside to Hoffman is that he comes from a small school and wasn't up against the best competition. In addition, he has limited athletic upside. While he can improve his fundamentals and technique to become more polished, he will always be a big bodied possession receiver who doesn't have breakaway and game-changing speed.

Round 5: Dakota Dozier - Offensive Guard
The Dolphins signed Shelley Smith in the offseason to start at one of the guard positions. They will have numerous guys competing for the other guard spot. These players are Dallas ThomasSam Brenner and Nate Garner. However, the Dolphins need insurance in case one of them doesn't work out.

Dakota Dozier would be a good insurance policy who will be able to effectively compete for the starting position. Dozier is just about 6'4 and weighs 312 pounds. At Furman University, he played in 44 games and started 43 of them. He was a team captain and there are no injury concerns with him.

Dozier turned some heads at the East/West Shrine Game despite some inconsistency on film. His foot speed isn't great but at the guard position, that can be masked. He's flexible and athletic, which Joe Philbin likes his linemen to be.

Round 6: De'Anthony Thomas - Running Back
After seeing how they are looking to add even more competition at the running back spot in addition to Knowshon Moreno, I'm predicting the Dolphins will select a running back in the sixth round. Right now, it looks like the odd man out will be Daniel Thomas. If the Dolphins draft a running back, the next one out could be Marcus Thigpen.

If it is in fact Thigpen, De'Anthony Thomas would make a ton of sense. He is from Oregon and played in 37 games while starting 11 of them.

When Thomas is in open space, he is the most dangerous man on the field. His ability to avoid defenders while maintaining his speed is something that not everyone can do. His ability as a kickoff returner is off the charts as well.

Thomas won't be a featured back but he's a great change of pace back who can catch balls out of the backfield while also being thrown in the slot to run slants across the middle. He won't run anyone over but he will juke the hell out of them.

If the Dolphins truly are unhappy with Thigpen's development, Thomas would be a good replacement and can do everything Thigpen can and then some.

Round 7: Donald Hawkins - Offensive Tackle
Doubling down on a position is never a bad idea as it creates competition and you never know which player will turn out to be the better pick. The Dolphins should do with the right tackle position in this draft and select another prospect in round seven.

A player to strongly consider is Donald Hawkins from the University of Texas. Hawkins is just about 6'5 and weighs 301 pounds. He played in 25 games and started 24 of them.

Of course, anyone selected in the seventh round is a project so he would be for depth and development purposes. The interesting thing about him is that he can develop into a player on both sides of the line due to the fact that he has pretty good footwork.

Hawkins needs to play with more toughness and not rely solely on his football moves. He needs to spend a year or two putting on muscle and really learning the anchor positions on the line. Doing so will allow him to possibly contribute one day in a key position.

Matthew Cannata is a columnist for The Phinsider. Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @PhinManiacs