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Dolphins draft results add half a game to win total in Vegas

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The NFL Draft is over, undrafted free agents are signing, and rookie minicamps are starting. Las Vegas has taken all of the recent league activity, and updated their over/under win totals for the league. How did the Miami Dolphins do? A half game increase isn't too bad.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphinsdid a lot over the past couple of weeks to bolster an offensive line that allowed a team-record 58 sacks in 2013, including the signing of Pro Bowl left tackle Branden Albertand the drafting of first-round pick Ja'Wuan James and third-round choice Billy Turner.  With the moves, the Dolphins should better position themselves for the 2014 season, able to protect third-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill in a revamped offense under new coordinator Bill Lazor.

Did the moves improve how Las Vegas sees the Dolphins?  A little.

As reported by Joe Fortenbaugh of National Football Post, Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (LVH) has updated their 2014 NFL Over/Under Win Totals based on the past few weeks of league moves.  The Dolphins had previously been set at 7.5 wins for the year, coming in just below their 2013 final record of 8-8.  According to the LVH released data, Miami has moved up to 8 wins as their over/under mark, giving the team a half-game increase thanks to the Draft and recent free agent signings.

Looking at the LVH posted marks, there are 11 teams ahead of Miami, ranging from the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, who are both at 11 games, to the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers at 8.5 games.  There are a mass of teams at the .500 mark, with the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, and Dallas Cowboys all joining Miami.

The Jacksonville Jaguars bring up the rear of the NFL, with a 4.5 over/under win mark.