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Dolfans NYC 2014 #MetLifeTakeover getting an early start

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Last year, Dolfans NYC destroyed the MetLife Stadium record for group sales, with over 750 Miami Dolphins fans piling into the New York Jets' home. Can they break that record this year? They are getting an early jump to make a run at it.

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Although they live in the purgatory of New York Jets country, there are plenty of Miami Dolphins fans in the New York area - and many read our blog.  Which is why I wanted to bring you this today.  Our friends over at Dolfans NYC have already started the planning process for their 2014 #MetLifeTakeover, and they are taking signups.

Last season, they organized over 750 Dolphins fans to get together and storm into MetLife Stadium.   Their hard work - and a lot of Dolphins fans in the area - let them absolutely demolish the MetLife Stadium group sales record.  Can they make a run at an even bigger tally this season?  Let's hope so.

And, as an added bonus, this year's game is a Monday Night Football game.  The #MetLifeTakeover is going primetime in 2014 - and all of the nation will be able to hear you counter the spelling bee chant from the Jets fans.

The game will be played December 1, with kickoff set for 8:30pm ET.

Currently, they have 600 seats on reserve, with the price set at $60 a ticket.  They need you to sign up early, however, so they know how many tickets they actually need - especially if they are going to have to get more.  As they say on their site, please only sign up if you are 100-percent sure you will be attending the game.

For those of you who may want it, you can also sign up for the chartered bus system they will have, which raises the ticket prices to $90.

You can check out all the details, and sign up, on the Dolfans NYC website.