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Andre Johnson wonders if Houston 'still place for him'

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Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson is disgruntled, and apparently may not think his future is with Houston. Could one of the top receivers in the league land on the trading block?

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Eleven NFL seasons, seven Pro Bowls, two First Team All-Pro selections, two season receiving yardage crowns, two season reception crowns, 12,661 career receiving yards (17th all time), 61 career touchdown receptions, 927 career receptions (14th all time).  If that receiver were on your team, you clearly would be set up for a ton of success as they utilize the talents of a future Hall of Fame pass catcher.

After years of toiling with the Houston Texans, wide receiver Andre Johnson seems to have finally reached his breaking point.  A team that looked to be on the rise suddenly plummeted back to Earth last year, backing up 10-6 and 12-4 records the past two seasons (both times winning the AFC South, only to lose in the AFC Divisional playoffs) with a 2-14 record after 2013 and the first overall selection in this year's Draft.

"Is this still the place for me?" Johnson asked following a media event at the Houston Women’s Center, according to the Houston Chronicle's Brian T. Smith.  “Nobody’s been here as long as I have. You just kind of look at things; I’ve been thinking about things this offseason,” Johnson said. “And I just kind of wonder sometimes, ‘Is this still the place for me?’ ”

Johnson, who has yet to report to the Texans' voluntary offseason workout program, also explained that he has no plans to attend the team's Organized Team Activities nor the mandatory veteran minicamp.  He also stated that he simply does not know if he wants to remain a Texan this season.  He has not demanded a trade from the club, and says he is in contact with the team at least once every-other-week, but it's clear something has to change.  

That could mean, Johnson lands on the trading block fairly soon.

Could the Miami Dolphins be in play for Johnson?  There are two pieces they currently have that could be of interest for Houston: receiver Mike Wallace and quarterback Matt Moore.  Would Houston be willing to take on the contract Wallace signed just last year with Miami?  Would Moore give the Texans the starting quarterback they need?  Would that be enough for Houston?

Would Miami be interested in giving up on a 27 year old receiver after one year to pick up a receiver who turns 33 before the season starts? How many more years does Johnson have in the tank?  

Are the Dolphins in a position to appease Johnson any more than Houston?

If Johnson is on the market, the Dolphins, and 30 other teams, have to make a call and find out the asking price.  Johnson's presence makes any team better, opening up the passing game, both as a target and as a decoy.  Houston has to be working to find a way to get their start receiver back into the fold and on the field, but it is interesting to consider what could be with Johnson on the Dolphins.