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Dolphins Draft grades 2014: Mel Kiper says Miami 'succeeded'

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Over the weekend, the 2014 NFL Draft concluded. Whenever the Draft is completed, Draft grades begin. Yesterday, ESPN's Mel Kiper provided his first look at the Draft.

Scott Cunningham

The Miami Dolphins spent the 2014 NFL Draft filling needs and picking up some developmental prospects.  It was an overall solid draft, but one lacking the flare of some other teams' selection.  Typically, that does not bode well for a team when the NFL Draft grades start publishing.  In this case, even with five of their eight picks coming from small schools, ESPN's Mel Kiper does not seem too worried about Miami's selections.

Kiper published his 2014 NFL Draft grades yesterday, taking a look at every pick from all 32 teams.  His grades ranged from the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars both receiving As to the Indianapolis Colts receiving a D+.  The Dolphins come in as one of nine teams to receive an overall B.

Kiper also broke his grades between needs and value, with Miami's picks based on need earning a B+, while the value was a B-.  Explaining the grade, Kiper wrote:

Summary: This was a really quiet draft class in terms of star appeal, but the Dolphins did a pretty solid job of hitting their biggest needs. Ja'Wuan James isn't a player many people know, but I thought he'd land here, and he did in a move that makes a lot of sense. The Dolphins need an immediate starter at right tackle, and that's James. Just plug him in and check it off. Jarvis Landry doesn't fill a major need at WR, but he's a really reliable target who catches absolutely everything. Billy Turner was a tackle at North Dakota State, but could fill another pretty big need they have at guard. Walt Aikens will need some time as he makes a big leap in competition, but is a needed addition at cornerback. Jordie Tripp could offer help at linebacker as a guy who is explosive out of his drop and will play with passion.  Matt Hazel is a sleeper at WR, and like Landry, has good hands. This draft was about Ryan Tannehill. Stop the constant sacks, give him a chance to take another step. I think Miami succeeded.

The Dolphins 2014 draft class is:

Rd Pk Player Pos College
1 19 Ja'Wuan James T Tennessee
2 63 Jarvis Landry WR LSU
3 67 Billy Turner T ND State
4 125 Walt Aikens CB Liberty
5 155 Arthur Lynch TE Georgia
5 171 Jordan Tripp OLB Montana
6 190 Matt Hazel WR Coastal Carolina
7 234 Terrence Fede DE Marist