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Dolphins Draft results 2014: Grade Miami's fourth round pick Walt Aikens

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After a crazy night of trades during the NFL 2014 Draft's second night, the Miami Dolphins spent the third day simply taking their picks. We start our first grades post with the fourth round. How do you grade the selection?


The Miami Dolphins were not nearly as active during the 2014 NFL Draft's third day as they were on the second day, when the team made three trades along with their two picks.  Instead, the Dolphins simply picked five players the five times they were on the clock.

Now we want to know how you graded each the day three picks.  We will start with the fourth round selection, cornerback Walt Aikens from Liberty.  Aikens was originally enrolled at Illinois, playing one season before legal issues led to his dismissal from the team.

After sitting out the 2010 season due to NCAA transfer rules, Aiken played the 2011 through 2013 seasons for Liberty, where he recorded seven interceptions and six forced fumbles in three seasons.  He was an All-Big South selection each season, second-team in 2011 and 2012, and first-team in 2013.  His performance led to him receiving an invite to the Senior Bowl this year, where he impressed scouts - including the Dolphins.

What are your thoughts on the Dolphins' fourth round selection of Aikens?  Vote below.