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Immediate Reaction to Miami Dolphins 190th Selection

In the 6th round, the Miami Dolphins select Coastal Carolina wide receiver Matt Hazel.

Cliff Hawkins

With the 190th selection of the NFL Draft, many Miami fans may be wondering who Matt Hazel is.  In time, you'll get used to hearing his name on game day.  Very smooth in his route running and practically catches everything thrown his way, Hazel will continue to add solid depth at the wide receiver position.

Knocks against Hazel include his his lack of elite size and speed.  His size in particular may be a concern when catching the ball in traffic.  However, Hazel has all the attributes to succeed in a west coast offense.  What's more, Hazel works hard after the catch, something the team needs to improve on.

Can Hazel make an impact with the Miami Dolphins in 2014?  Don't bet against him.

Do you agree that Matt Hazel is a good selection for the Miami Dolphins?  Does he add anything different to the current wide receivers on our roster? Lets hear your views!