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Miami Dolphins draft results: Third round pick Billy Turner meets with media

In the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins selected offensive tackle Billy Turner. He spoke with the media after the selection.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

(On his thoughts on being a Miami Dolphin) – “It’s a great opportunity with a great organization. I had a great visit down there a couple weeks ago. I had a good time with coach (John) Benton and coach (Jack) Bicknell, the offensive line coaches. They put me up on the board a little bit and I got a good feel for the organization. I think it’s a real good fit for me.”

(On what feel he had when visiting Miami) – “I mean to be honest, it’s really indescribable. They gave me the call and I was just waiting to see it go across the screen because they traded up to get the pick. It makes you feel a little better to knowing that they traded up to get you. It’s a great feeling, but like I said, it’s more indescribable.”

(On how much it helped to have a father that played in the NFL) – “It was a big help as far as when I was younger.  I think I learned a lot of the trades and traits of the game from a younger age a little earlier than some other guys got a chance to learn it, having my father and two older brothers that have played before me. It was definitely a big help and then throughout this process, as you know, the times have changed a lot from when my dad got drafted in 1983 until now. It even changed from when my brother was drafted. They helped me out as much as they could, but at the same time, they really just gave me a lot of guidance along the way.”

(On what position he anticipates playing: guard or tackle) – “I’ve been talked about playing both positions and I see myself playing wherever the team needs me to play. I can play on the left side, the right side, I can play guard, tackle or center so wherever they need me to play and wherever they want to plug me in is where I’ll be.”

(On if he has a preference where he plays) – “I played on the left side throughout college but in high school I played left side and right side, as well as center. And I played all three positions, so there’s definitely right now a little more comfortably on the left side but I got a chance to play right side at the Senior Bowl and I was working with a couple guys down at API in Arizona at all three positions on the left and the right side. Right now, I would say maybe the left side, but at the same time, I think I’m a good fit for the right side as well.”

(On when the last time he played guard) – “I’ve done it in practice a couple times just to give some younger guys some reps off. I got practice at guard at the Senior Bowl and from there, I’d probably say high school.”

(On how eye opening it was at the Senior Bowl after playing at North Dakota State) – “I wouldn’t say it was as opening as I thought it was going to be. There’s definitely a lot of guys with a lot of talent there. The one thing that I was a little surprised about was the size.  Everyone talks about the size comparison at that next level, or the level above the next level. I wasn’t really too taken back by the size differential, so that was one think that I was kind of thinking about. Other than that, there were some guys that were a little faster, and some guys that weren’t as fast as I thought they were going to be.”

(On how much he’d say working with NFL coaching staffs at the Senior Bowl prepared him for his pro day and NFL combine) – “It was real helpful. Just being able to get the coaching and the teaching from an NFL team and being able to take some of that stuff with me to some of the visits I did take this spring. We put in an NFL style offense as part of it and being able to go back to those type things when I’m talking with other NFL coaches was something that I found very helpful.”

(On if he’d be comfortable in a zone blocking scheme) – “Yes, definitely. We ran a lot of zone up at school. We were primarily a power team we ran a lot of an A-gap power. Depending on the scheme that we were playing against, whether it was a 3-4 or 4-3, there were definitely times when we ran a lot more zone than power and there were definitely, I’d probably say 50/50 with our runs up in Fargo (North Dakota), were probably zone and power for a lot of the years.”

(On who is his agent) – “Michael Hoffman.”