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2014 Dolphins draft results add Walt Aikens in fourth round

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The Miami Dolphins have selected cornerback Walt Aikens in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft

Stacy Revere

The Miami Dolphins have made their fourth round selection in the 2014 NFL Draft.  After adding two offensive linemen, Ja'Wuan James (1st) and Billy Turner (3rd), and a wide receiver, Jarvis Landry (2nd), the team used the 125th pick to select cornerback Walt Aikens from liberty.

The Dolphins had a crazy night during the league's second day of the Draft yesterday, trading back in the second round twice, then up once in the third round.  The trades impacted the fourth round, as the first trade back, moving from 50 to 57, added the San Diego Chargers' 125th pick.  The trade up in the third round, when the Dolphins picked Turner with the 67th overall selection, sent Miami's 116th overall pick to the Oakland Raiders (who used the pick to select Keith McGill, cornerback, Utah).

Miami holds the 155th overall pick as their next selection, coming in the fifth round.  They also have the 171st pick, again in the fifth round.The full list of the Dolphins selections are:

Rnd Overall Pick Player
1 19 Ja'Wuan James, tackle, Tennessee
2 63 Jarvis Landry, wide receiver, LSU
3 67 Billy Turner, tackle, North Dakota St.
4 125 Walt Aikens, cornerback, Liberty
5 155
5 171
6 190
7 234