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Immediate Reaction to Miami Dolphins 155th Selection

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With the first of two fifth round picks, the Miami Dolphins select tight end Arthur Lynch out of Georgia. Lets see what he brings to the Dolphins.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

In the fifth round, the Miami Dolphins fill a need at tight end with the addition with Arthur Lynch.  Possessing an NFL frame and experience as both an in-line blocker and in the slot in Georgia's pro-style offense, Lynch is one for the long-term.

Career production is below average at Georgia, especially with quarterback Aaron Murray at center.  However, Miami have chosen Lynch not for the present, but for the future.  When the young tight end has the ball in his hands, he is very tough to bring down with his stout frame.  Add in his ability to be a very good blocker for years to come, and Lynch has the potential to be an every down tight end in the NFL.

Interesting selection for the Dolphins, and will add competition to a tight end corps featuring Charles Clay, Michael Egnew and Dion Sims.

Will Arthur Lynch be a good addition to the team?  Can he be an eventual starter?  Lets hear your views!