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Immediate Reaction to Miami Dolphins 125th Selection

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Day one and two of the 2014 NFL Draft saw Miami go all out on offense. Will the Dolphins add some pieces on defense on the final day? They sure did. Walt Aitkens out of Liberty is the newest Miami Dolphin.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

In the first two days of the NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins beefed up their offense.  On the third day, Miami selected cornerback Walt Aitkens out of Liberty.

The Dolphins currently have Brent Grimes, Cortland Finnegan, Jamar Taylor and Will Davis as the top four cornerbacks on their roster.  Drafting Aitkens makes the corner position a lot deeper; this is imperative in what has become a passing league.

Aitkens will have to work hard to get on the field, but his athleticism and aggression will see him get on the field early in his NFL career.  Possessing long arms and good build, the young corner is adept at both press and zone.  Not a straight-line speed guy, but does have a second gear to play sideline to sideline.  Also very good in run support; he'll be able to compete against the big wide receivers and running backs.

Solid pick by the Dolphins, and one of the best players on the board.  May need some patience, but has the potential to be a contributor early in his NFL career.

What do you think of Walt Aitkens?  Will he be a good player for the Dolphins?  Was he good value in the fourth round?  Lets hear your views!