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Dolphins draft results 2014: Grade Miami's third round pick Billy Turner

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The Miami Dolphins traded up into the beginning of the third round to grab North Dakota State's Billy Turner. How do you grade the selection?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After an eventful second round (vote for your second round grade here), the Miami Dolphins turned around in the third round and quickly took care of business.  The team entered the round with the 81st selection, but immediately traded up to the third pick in the round, giving the Oakland Raiders the team's 116th pick, a fourth round selection, to make the move.

After a second round that included two trades down, the team simply moving up and making a pick seemed a little too straightforward.  That's exactly what happened, however, as the Dolphins picked North Dakota State offensive tackle Billy Turner.  

Turner has the size and measurements you would want from an offensive lineman.  He also has the versatility the Dolphins seem to be looking for in their lineman, capable of playing either inside as a guard or outside as a tackle.  He's durable, playing 57 of 57 career games, starting 56 of them.  He was a two time consensus All-American and was on the three time FCS National Championship teams from North Dakota State.  He's coming to the NFL from a small school, but he has a big reputation, performed well at the Senior Bowl this year, and is considered to have Pro Bowl potential if he continues to develop.

What are your thoughts on the Miami Dolphins' third  round?  How do you grade it?