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Dolphins draft plans: Phinsider community vote Part 2

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The second in a series of three polls to decide who the Phinsider community wants to draft in the first round of the NFL Draft for the Miami Dolphins.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations!  We made it to our second  the general manager of the Miami Dolphins.  The Phinsider community is now the GM for the Dolphins and have to make a pick with the 19th overall selection in next week's NFL Draft.  No trades are on the table, so a pick must be made.

We are going to decide who to pick through a series of polls here on the site.  The first of those polls was yesterday, deciding if we will use the pick on the offense or defense.  The second poll, today's edition, will decide what position we will choose.  The final poll will give us the player we are targeting.

For obvious reasons, I will use some discretion when it comes to the player.  If, say, we decide we are going to address defensive end with the 19th pick, Jadeveon Clowney will not be on the board, because these is zero chance he lasts that long.

Other than that, the decision is up to us as a community.

Based on yesterday's results, it shouldn't be that surprising on which side of the ball will be our first pick:


Which now means, you have to vote on the position for our top pick.  The groupings are in the poll below. And you can start voting now.