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NFL Draft: History of the 19th overall selection

The Miami Dolphins hold the 19th selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. What's the history of the 19th pick? We take a look back.

Al Bello

The 2014 NFL Draft is just over a week away, with teams all looking to finish their pre-Draft visits, film breakdowns, and draft board creation. What about the past drafts, however?  The Miami Dolphins currently hold the 19th overall selection, just over halfway through the first round thanks to an 8-8 record last season.  We take a look back at the history of the 19th selection today.

The first time the NFL reached 19 teams in the first round was in 1967, when the AFL and NFL held their first joint selection meeting.  That year, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Harry Jones, a running back from Arkansas, at 19.  He played four years in the league, carrying the ball 44 times in his career for 85 yards.

Since the 1967 joint draft, three Hall of Fame players have been selected with the 19th overall selection, defensive back Roger Wehrli selected by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1969, guard Randall McDaniel picked by the Minnesota Vikings in 1988, and wide receiver Marvin Harrison, selected by the Indianapolis Colts in 1996.  The pre-combined draft 19th selection in 1963, a second round pick, produced Hall of Fame tight end John Mackey, picked by the Baltimore Colts.

The draft position has counted for 64 Pro Bowl selections, led by McDaniel's 12, eight from Harrison, and seven from Wehrli.  Other multiple selections to the Pro Bowl include three from defensive back Jack Tatum, selected by the Oakland Raiders in 1971, two from tackle Henry Lawrence, selected by the Raiders in 1974, two from tackle Brian Holloway, picked in 1981 by the New England Patriots, six from defensive back Joey Browner, selected by the Vikings in 1983, two from tackle Todd Steussie, the Vikings' 1994 selection, three from Tarik Glenn, selected by the Indianapolis Colts in 1997, running back Sean Alexander, the 2000 pick for the Seattle Seahawks, five from defensive tackle Casey Hampton, the Pittsburgh Steeler's 2001 draft choice, three from defensive back Antonio Cromartie, the 2006 pick from the San Diego Chargers, and two from Michael Griffin, the Tennessee Titans' 2007 pick.

As a first round selection, the 19th overall pick has been led with nine offensive tackle selections.  Running back and defensive back are a close second, with eight each, then wide receiver has been picked six times.  Defensive end has made up five of the selections, linebacker and guard have each been selected four times, quarterback twice, and defensive tackle once.

Here are the 19th overall selections from the past 25 years:


2013 New York Giants Justin Pugh OT Syracuse
2012 Chicago Bears Shea McClellin DE Boise State
2011 New York Giants Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
2010 Atlanta Falcons Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri
2009 Philadelphia Eagles Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
2008 Carolina Panthers Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh
2007 Tennessee Titans Michael Griffin S Texas
2006 San Diego Chargers Antonio Cromartie CB Florida State
2005 St. Louis Rams Alex Barron OT Florida State
2004 Miami Dolphins Vernon Carey OT Miami
2003 Baltimore Ravens Kyle Boller QB California
2002 Denver Broncos Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii
2001 Pittsburgh Steelers Casey Hampton DT Texas
2000 Seattle Seahawks Shaun Alexander Rb Alabama
1999 New York Giants Luke Petitgout OT Notre Dame
1998 Green Bay Packers Vonnie Holliday DT North Carolina
1997 Indianapolis Colts Tarik Glenn OT California
1996 Indianapolis Colts Marvin Harrison WR Syracuse
1995 Jacksonville Jaguars James Stewart RB Tennessee
1994 Minnesota Vikings Todd Steussie OT California
1993 Philadelphia Eagles Lester Holmes OT Jackson State
1992 Atlanta Falcons Tony Smith RB Southern Miss
1991 Green Bay Packers Vinnie Clark CB Ohio State
1990 Green Bay Packers Darrell Thompson RB Minnesota
1989 New Orleans Saints Wayne Martin DE Arkansas

You can find the list of all 19th overall selections in NFL history by visiting this link to Pro-Football-Focus.