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2014 NFL schedule: Release time, TV coverage, Dolphins projection, and more

The 2014 NFL schedule will be released tonight. How will the Miami Dolphins' schedule come together? We take a guess.

Chris Trotman

The NFL will release the 2014 schedule tonight, giving fans everywhere a chance to begin planning road trips as well as guessing the wins and losses for their favorite teams. When will the schedule be released, who will the Miami Dolphins face in 2014, and what do we know about the schedule already? We have all the data you need.

What: 2014 NFL Schedule release

When: April 23, 2014, 8pm ET

How to Watch: NFL Network

Miami Dolphins 2014 opponents:

Already scheduled:

  • Week 4 (Sept 28): Oakland Raiders (in London)

Preseason Schedule:

Schedule Guess:

Just to be clear, this is purely a guess. I don't know anything and I'm not pretending that I can actually lock in the schedule. I am simply speculating as to how I would put together the Dolphins' schedule for 2014.

Week 1 (Sep. 4, 7-8): vs. Chiefs - This game is likely to be an AFC opponent, but not an AFC East one. Although the Dolphins end their preseason with two straight home games, the team also has started each of the last two seasons on the road. That will likely change this year, and the Chiefs make a good early match up for this spot.

Week 2 (Sep 11, 13-14): at Jaguars

Week 3 (Sep 18, 21-22): vs. Vikings - With the London game in Week 4, the league will likely look to bring the Raider to the east coast for this game (Patriots or Jets make the most sense), and keep Miami at home.

Week 4 (Sep 28): at Raiders (London) - Confirmed

Week 5 (Oct 2, 5-6): Bye - The league typically gives the teams playing in London a bye week the next week. That puts it in Week 5 for Miami.

Week 6 (Oct 9, 12-13): vs. Bills - The Dolphins open their AFC East campaign in Week 6, hosting the Bills.

Week 7 (Oct 16, 19-20): at Jets

Week 8 (Oct 23, 26-27): vs. Packers

Week 9 (Oct 30, Nov 2-3): at Broncos (Thursday Night) - The league will likely be looking to spice up the Thursday night schedule this year, as CBS comes into the television coverage. The Dolphins are not a big draw right now after five straight non-winning seasons, but the Broncos and Peyton Manning are, so this could make sense. The Dolphins could be the Thanksgiving game against the Lions as well, but indications seem to be the Bills will take that slot.

Week 10 (Nov 6, 8-9): at Lions

Week 11 (Nov 13, 16-17): vs. Ravens

Week 12 (Nov 20, 23-24): vs Patriots

Week 13 (Nov 27, Nov 30-Dec 1): at Bears

Week 14 (Dec 4, 7-8): vs. Chargers (Monday Night Football) - The Dolphins could be in a fight for a Wildcard position in the AFC late in the season, as could San Diego. Putting the two teams on Monday Night Football could be a viewer draw.

Week 15 (Dec 11, 14-15): at Patriots

Week 16 (Dec 21-22): vs Jets

Week 17 (Dec 28): at Bills - The Dolphins ended the 2013 season hosting the Jets and the 2012 season at the Patriots. That means, in terms of the league liking to end seasons with AFC East opponents, it should be the Bills facing the Dolphins in this year's rotation.