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2014 Phinsider Mock Draft Sign Up

The draft is quickly approaching and it's time for the Phinsider members to put on their GM hats and make some draft selections.

Now you can make the picks like this guy.  But will your hair look as great?
Now you can make the picks like this guy. But will your hair look as great?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The time for mock drafts is finally winding down as the NFL's Annual Player Selection Meeting will take center stage in three weeks. The Phinsider has been celebrating NFL Christmas with a weekly Mock Monday draft by some of the site writers (sorry we missed this week). Kevin, Keith, and myself have given you some mock drafts to discuss over the past few weeks, but now it's your turn.

For the final Mock Monday draft of 2014, the Phinsider is opening up the GM position to any and all member willing to participate. Here's how this will work:

If you are interested in participating, let us know in the comment section. Kevin will randomly select names out of a hat and assign them a team. In order to give more members a chance to participate, this mock draft will be two rounds. Whoever is assigned the first pick in the draft will email Kevin his or her selection and a brief synopsis of that choice. Kevin will alert the next participant that they are on the clock and the players already off the board and so on. Once the full two rounds have been completed, we will compile it and post it as the final Mock Monday on May 5th. No trades will be allowed as that just gets messy.

Hopefully, this mock draft will be as fun as it has been in previous years as we eagerly await the real deal in a few weeks.