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New Phinsider author

Our Phinsider team add another new author today.

Mark Kolbe

A great way to start a new week at the Phinsider is by welcoming a new author to the team. We get to do exactly that today, with Danny Williams joining the site. Williams becomes our third "free agent" signing for the site over the past few weeks, making the Phinsider that much stronger as we ramp up our Miami Dolphins coverage ahead of the NFL Draft and on into the 2014 season.

Danny joins the site having spent the past few months writing for Rant Sports. A relative youngster in the blogging world, he's looking for a chance to focus on the Dolphins, and really will be a huge addition to the team. He's currently finishing up his first article for the site, which we hope to bring to you in a couple of hours, but before then, join me in welcoming him to the site.

You can follow Danny on Twitter at @DannyWeeumzNFL.