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Buffalo Bills wanted by Jon Bon Jovi (dead or alive)

First and foremost - the pun had to be made. Sorry about that. But, yes, Jon Bon Jovi is rumored to be looking to but the Buffalo Bills following the death of Ralph Wilson.


Jon Bon Jovi may soon be there for you, Buffalo Bills fans. According to multiple reports, including from John Kryk of The Toronto Sun, the rocker is looking to put together a team of investors to buy the franchise when it is put up for sale sometime this fall. Bon Jovi seems to always be linked to a potential Bills ownership package, living on a prayer that he can one day become an NFL owner.

Bad puns aside, as SB Nation's Buffalo Rumblings points out, this is not the first time Bon Jovi has been linked to the Bills. Even before Bills founder and owner Ralph Wilson died earlier this year, there was talk tying Bon Jovi to the team. Bon Jovi has a net worth of around $300 million, according to Forbes, with the anticipated Bills price tag around $1 billion. Larry Tanenbaum, the CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is rumored to be backing the Bon Jovi bid, which could fill a large portion of the monetary difference.

Bon Jovi is not the only name to be linked to a potential bid to buy the club, including Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the NHL's Boston Bruins. Several other parties are thought to be looking into purchasing the franchise as well. The question, of course, becomes one of keeping the team in Buffalo, or letting it runaway to Los Angeles or some other site.

These days, the rumors of interested parties to joining the NFL's ownership club are coming in a blaze of (glory) news. Buffalo Rumblings has set up a StoryStream to keep up with all of the latest, if you want to keep up with the Miami Dolphins' AFC East rivals.

Shot through the heart.

Bad medicine.

I ran out of ways to put more puns in this story.