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Poll: Miami Dolphins Pre-Draft Vote of Confidence

We all love a good poll. And this time you get to tell us whether you give the team a vote of confidence following free agency. It's a straight up yes or no answer; no sitting on the fence!

Michael Hickey

For the second year running, the Miami Dolphins were able to make waves in the free agency market. One of the marque signings, Branden Albert, should help protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill, in what is a crucial year for him. The other marque signing, Brent Grimes, has decided that his future continues to lie in Miami, and is a huge signing for the backfield.

Other signings of note include defensive tackle Earl Mitchell, safety Louis Delmas, cornerback Cortland Finnegan, guard Shelley Smith, offensive tackle Jason Fox, wide receiver Kevin Cone, running back Knowshon Moreno and quarterback Jordan Rodgers.

With plenty of cap space still to play with, don't rule out the Dolphins making more moves to fill out the roster both prior to and after the draft.

So without further ado, do you approve of what this front office has done so far this offseason? Are you optimistic for the season ahead? Which players do you think will provide the biggest impact? Are you happy that the Dolphins have the flexibility to continue making free agent splashes with the way that the contracts are structured? Which positions to you think the team should target next, in terms of free agents?

Please vote below, and let us know your thoughts!