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Dolphins CB Brent Grimes four-year contract break down

Earlier this week, the Miami Dolphins re-signed cornerback Brent Grimes to a four year contract. Now, we know the specifics of the deal.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins locked up one of the best cornerbacks in the league earlier this week when they agreed to a new four-year contract with Brent Grimes. Having joined the Dolphins last year on a one-year contract worth just under $5.5 million, the new deal was reportedly worth $32 million. Thanks to we now have the specifics of Grimes' deal.

The contract includes $16 million fully guaranteed, $6 million of which is the signing bonus. The other $10 million is Grimes' 2014 salary, which is $2.5 million, and a portion of his 2015 salary ($7.5 million of the $8.5 million).

Here's the full breakdown of the contract:

Year Base Salary Roster Bonus Signing Bonus
Salary Cap
Dead Money
(if released)
Salary Cap Savings
(if released)
2014 $2.725M $25,000 $1.5M $4M $16M -$12M
2015 $8.475M $25,000 $1.5M $10M $12.025M -$2.025M
2016 $7.9755M $25,000 $1.5M $9.5M $3M $6.5M
2017 $6.975M $25,000 $1.5M $8.5M $1.5M $7M