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Offseason Talk: First date dilemma

You're on your first date with an amazing person. Everything is going perfectly and you are already thinking of a second date. But, right at the end of the night, a dilemma rears its head.

Mike Ehrmann

Today's offseason talk topic tells you we are definitely in the offseason. But it is kind of interesting.

You're out on a first date. Everything is perfect, and things are going exactly as you would like. Both of you seem to be having a great time, and it appears that the two of you are completely compatible. It really is a great night.

You reach the end of the date, and just as you are getting ready for the good night kiss, the bombshell is dropped. Your perfect date is a Jets fan.

Is the night ruined? Does the date end right then and there?

What if you make it through the first date? Is there a chance of a second? What if you were to get married and have kids - would you risk your kids growing up as Jets fans?

Where do you draw the line?

How do you solve the Jets fan dilemma?