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NFL Draft Prospects 2014: Dolphins at Buffalo Pro Day, Khalil Mack on radar?

As we inch toward May's NFL Draft, the next series of items on the schedule are the various college "Pro Days." Today, the Buffalo Bulls held their Pro Day, with the Miami Dolphins in attendance. Is it due diligence, or could a player like linebacker Khalil Mack be on the radar?

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The 2014 NFL Draft process has reached the point where colleges across the country are starting to hold their "Pro Days." During these workouts, scouts are invited to watch draft prospects perform on familiar fields and with college teammates. These are the workouts that make quarterbacks feel more comfortable as they throw to receivers they know, and presumably have timing, as well as they can work from a set script, rather than working out with less comfort at the Indianapolis Scouting Combine last month.

The Pro Days provide another opportunity for teams to watch a player, as well as a chance for scouts to meet with the prospects. Today, the University at Buffalo held their Pro Day, with linebacker Khalil Mack headling the players participating. Included in the scouts on hand was Chris Buford from the Miami Dolphins.

While there are other players taking part in UB's workout, it's Mack who will get the most attention. Are the Dolphins simply there to do their due diligence, checking out Mack and the rest of the UB prospects, or could they have an actual interest in a pss rushing, 3-4 outside linebacker - a year after trading up in the draft to grab Dion Jordan?

Obviously we will never truly know, and this is all just speculation, but it is the smoke screen and speculation time of the year. You can check out the full report on UB's Pro Day via the Must Read link on the right.