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Dan Marino on Dolphins radar for position

The Miami Dolphins will speak to Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino about re-joining the team. Owner Stephen Ross stated that some conversation between the two sides will happen.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

When Dan Marino left CBS mid-way through October, fans and media immediately began speculation that the Miami Dolphins and their Hall of Fame quarterback could be headed toward a reunion. A team in need of a face and a connection to the fan base and an all time great looking for his next challenge; everything seemed to make sense.

Then, nothing happened.

Perhaps, things are going to start moving in the near future, however. During the recent NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross acknowledged his intention to speak with Marino about coming home to the team, according to the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson.

There's no word on what that position would be, and Ross admitted that much. Would Marnio be interested in a figurehead position as he learns the ins-and-outs of running a team, eventually working his way into a situation similar to John Elway's with the Denver Broncos? Would he prefer to work on the public relations side of the house, rather than in the personnel department? Ross and Marino would have to work out some sort of plan.

Whatever position Marino would hold within the franchise, it would be nice to see Marino representing the Miami Dolphins once again.