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Knowshon Moreno contract with Dolphins reaction

The Miami Dolphins agreed to a one-year contract with free agent running back Knowshon Moreno yesterday. How much money are they paying the former Denver Broncos starter?

Doug Pensinger

Free agent running back Knowshon Moreno joined the Miami Dolphins yesterday, agreeing to a one-year contract that will pay him $3 million for the 2014 season. Coming off a career high 1,038 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2013, Moreno was likely looking for more money on the free agent market, but the Dolphins seem to have been determined to not overpay for a running back.

With a $3 million obligation for this season, did the Dolphins overpay? Was the deal equitable for both sides? Did Miami low ball Moreno?

So far this offseason, the running back market has reflected the NFL as a passing league. Running backs are not a hot commodity, and most of them are not seeing the money that used to fly for a top-notch runner. Ben Tate signed with the Cleveland Browns on a two-year deal, averaging $3.5 million per season. Toby Gerhart received the same $3.5 million per year, this time over three years, from the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Oakland Raiders re-signed Darren McFadden on a one year, $1.75 million contract.

What are your thoughts on the Moreno contract? Was the money right? Would you have signed him for multiple years? Do you think the Dolphins are doing the same thing with Moreno they did last year with Brent Grimes - a one-year contract, then re-sign him if he proves his value?