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2014 NFL Draft order for Miami Dolphins picks

With the awarding of compensatory picks earlier this week, the league has finalized the NFL Draft order for this year. When will the Miami Dolphins be selecting?


The league has officially set the order for the 2014 NFL Draft, adding the recently awarded compensatory picks into the mix. With the full set of picks, we now know that the Houston Texans will pick both the first player in the Draft, and the Mr. Irrelevant last player selected.

Recently, reports clarified that the seventh round pick the Miami Dolphins traded to the Baltimore Ravens for Bryant McKinnie is actually a 2015 pick, so the Dolphins currently have all of their original seven picks for this year.

The undisclosed pick the Dolphins should receive for sending Jonathan Martin to the San Francisco 49ers was originally described as a "conditional" draft pick, meaning it is likely a 2015 selection. It is not included in the NFL's list, adding to the likelihood Miami will receive a sixth or seventh round pick next year.

Here are all the Dolphins' picks for this year:

Round 1 - Pick 19 (19 overall)

Round 2 - Pick 18 (50)

Round 3 - Pick 17 (81)

Round 4 - Pick 16 (116)

Round 5 - Pick 15 (155)

Round 6 - Pick 14 (190)

Round 7 - Pick 19 (234)