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Knowshon Moreno to Dolphins: Fan Poll on 2014 starter

The Miami Dolphins and free agent running back Knowshon Moreno agreed to terms today on a one-year contract. Which rasies the question, who will start at running back for Miami, Moreno or Lamar Miller? You decide.

Jamie Squire

It took a little while, but the deal between the Miami Dolphins and free agent running back Knowshon Moreno was finally completed today. The 2013 starting running back for the Denver Broncos comes to Miami on a one-year contract, and provides the Dolphins with a solid 1-2 punch as he teams with Lamar Miller in the backfield.

But who is one and who is two?

Will the Dolphins keep Miller, the 22-year old who is entering his third year in the league and served as the team's starter in 2014, in the top spot on the depth chart? Will they hand the reins to the 26-year old former first round draft pick, who fully established himself as a starter in his fifth season last year? Will the team "start" both players, depending on the situation and the opponent?

We want you to decide. Vote in the poll below, and discuss the situation in the comments.