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Miami Dolphins Historical Perspective - 1966 Draft

We are 45 days from the NFL Draft. To get us through those days, we will take daily look at the Miami Dolphins draft history, starting with the 1966 selection meeting. We will work our way up to the 2013 Draft, just before we settle in for the 2014 selection process.

While the NFL free agency period is still ongoing, with the potential for the Miami Dolphins to still add more players, the focus around the league is starting to turn toward the NFL Draft. In 45 days, the newest members of the professional football fraternity will be selected and welcomed.

To get us through those 45 days, we will take a look at each of the Dolphins' 48 previous Drafts. We will take a look at one per day, with a couple of extras thrown in, just to make sure we make it through all 48 selection processes.

Where else would we start, but with the 1966 Draft, Miami's first.

Rnd Pick Player Pos School Remarks
1 1 Jim Grabowski RB Illinois Drafted by the Green Bay Packers (NFL) and played 5 years, plus 1 year with the Chicago Bears.
1 2 Rick Norton QB Kentucky Played 1966-1969 with the Dolphins. Played 1970 with the Green Bay Packers.
2 9 Frank Emanuel LB Tennessee Played 1966-1969 with the Dolphins. Played 1970 with the New Orleans Saints.
3 18 Larry Gagner G Florida Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and played 4 years, plus 1 year with Kansas City Chiefs.
4 26 Dick Leftridge FB West Virginia Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and played 1 year.
5 34 Grady Bolton T Mississippi St. Did not play
6 42 Ed Weisacosky LB Miami (FL) Played 1967 for New York Giants. Played 1968-1970 with Dolphins. Played 1971-1972 with New England Patriots
7 51 Don Hansen LB Illinois Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings (NFL) and played 2 years, plus 7 years with Atlanta Flacons, half season with Seattle Seahawks and 1-1/2 with Green Bay Packers.
8 64 Bob Petrella DB Tennessee Played 1966-1971 with Dolphins
9 74 Bill Matan DE Kansas St. Drafted by the New York Giants (NFL) and played 1 year.
10 83 Pat Killorin C Syracuse Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and played 1 year.
11 92 Sammy Price RB Illinois Played 1966-1968 with Dolphins.
12 101 Howard Twilley WR Tulsa Played 1966-1976 with Dolphins.
13 110 Kent Kramer TE Minnesota Drafted by San Francisco 49ers (NFL) and played 1 year, plus 1 year with New Orleans Saints, 2 years with Minnesota Vikings, and 4 years with Philadelphia Eagles
14 119 Phil Scoggin K Texas A&M Did not play
15 128 Jerry Oliver T Texas St. Did not play
16 137 Don Lorenz DE S.F. Austin Did not play
17 146 Mike Bender G Arkansas Did not play
18 155 Rich Kestner E Kentucky Did not play
19 164 Doug Moreau TE LSU Played 1966-1969 with Dolphins.
20 173 John Tooker DB Adams St. Did not play