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Dolphins salary cap space update and potential free agent targets

The Miami Dolphins have signed several players this offseason in a more controlled free agency period than the spending spree the team conducted last year. How much money is still available to the Dolphins this year?

According to the NFL Players Association, the Miami Dolphins are still sitting pretty with the sixth most salary cap space to spend in the league, despite having added names like Branden Albert and Cortland Finnegan, while re-signing Randy Starks and Brent Grimes. While the club is still looking at upgrading the running back position and needs to find a starting right guard and right tackle, Dennis Hickey has $19,185,752 still sitting in his pocket.

Subtract the roughly $4.5 million the team will have to spend on the drafted rookies this year, and Miami has around $14.7 million to spend on free agents, or roll into the 2015 salary cap.

On Friday, the Dolphins met with free agent running back Knowshon Moreno, and could still come to an agreement with him, adding the needed competition to the running back group. That does not, however, answer the offensive line questions.

The Dolphins could be looking to add a veteran tackle to the roster, potentially even asking a left tackle to move to the right side of the line. Players like Charles Brown from the New Orleans saints, David Sewart from the Tennessee Titans (assuming he passes a physical), Eric Winston from the Arizona Cardinals, and Jason Fox from the Detroit Lions are all still available. Also included in the unsigned free agents group are both of Miami's starting tackles from last year, Tyson Clabo and Bryant McKinnie. McKinnie recently said he would move to the right side of the line, despite having played his entire career on the left.

Miami should also be in the market for a guard, having already added Shelley Smith this free agent period. While a combination of Sam Brenner, Nate Garner, and Dallas Thomas could be in competition for the position, signing a guard to join that group would further ensure the Dolphins have a coherent offensive line this year. Players like the Chicago Bears' Eben Britton, Houston Texans' (and former Miami Dolphins') Wade Smith, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Davin Joseph are all still on the market.

Add to all of this an incredibly deep class of offensive linemen coming out in this year's NFL Draft, and the Dolphins have plenty of options to be able to address the offensive line. Historically, the Dolphins do have success with the tackle-guard back-to-back draft picks, having done it in 1990 to grab offensive tackle Richmond Webb in the first round and guard Keith Sims in the second.

The full rundown of salary cap space remaining has the Cleveland Browns with over $31 million sitting on top of the board, while the Detroit lions have the least amount of space, with just under $2 million.

Team Cap Room
Cleveland Browns $31,828,788.00
Cincinnati Bengals $27,948,666.00
Oakland Raiders $27,024,198.00
Jacksonville Jaguars $25,107,264.00
New York Jets $24,389,282.00
Miami Dolphins $19,185,752.00
Philadelphia Eagles $16,203,629.00
Green Bay Packers $16,149,136.00
Seattle Seahawks $15,213,737.00
Buffalo Bills $14,185,046.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $13,633,206.00
Indianapolis Colts $13,250,795.00
Minnesota Vikings $12,979,099.00
Tennessee Titans $11,730,702.00
Atlanta Falcons $9,584,447.00
Houston Texans $9,244,501.00
Baltimore Ravens $9,061,187.00
St. Louis Rams $8,999,358.00
Arizona Cardinals $8,137,968.00
Denver Broncos $7,642,337.00
Chicago Bears $7,377,239.00
Washington Redskins $6,960,869.00
New England Patriots $6,474,036.00
Carolina Panthers $6,398,921.00
Dallas Cowboys $4,907,192.00
Kansas City Chiefs $4,822,069.00
New York Giants $4,570,088.00
San Francisco 49ers $3,726,835.00
San Diego Chargers $3,653,247.00
New Orleans Saints $3,089,212.00
Pittsburgh Steelers $2,174,434.00
Detroit Lions $1,989,330.00