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Dolphins starting lineup according to Google

The Miami Dolphins are working on an overhaul of their roster this offseason, using free agency and the NFL Draft to fix a team that missed the playoffs, despite needing just one win in the final two games. This morning, we look at the current starting lineup according to Google.

I decided to have a little fun this morning, taking a look at the Miami Dolphins' starting line up according to Google. I took the 22 players who (most likely) will fill out the 11 offensive and 11 defensive starters for the team, and Google searched their name. Then, I added a random letter to see what searches would show up in the auto-complete.

To make sure it was not skewed toward searches I had already completed, I deleted all of my history, the cache, and my old forms. Also, I did not necessarily pick the top result (like Player Dolphins or Player contract is always among the top results). Then, I recorded the results in this fancy graphic:


Some of the thoughts I had while doing this:

  • Several of the players the Google search was clearly picking up other people with the same name (Shelley Smith, Nate Garner, Charles Clay, etc.)

  • Some of the searches are really boring - like Philip Wheeler's hair is a search?

  • People really seem to want to find a Brian Hartline jersey. It comes up under J, L, and A.

  • Branden Albert vs Jake Long is a fun one, given Albert filling the position Long previously held in Miami

  • Koa Misi is a bust (apparently)

  • I'm assuming Lamar Miller playing time is related to fantasy football. Either that, or people really did not trust that he would get on the field.

  • Louis Delmas used to have a pet alligator. Seriously. He was given an alligator egg as a rookie and raised the alligator after it hatched.

  • We really like searching for players and their dances.

  • Cameron Wake leap for cash:

  • The video for Dannell Ellerbe thumbs is good. I remember his broken thumbs, but it ending with him looking at his hands is funny.

  • Reshad Jones threw a baby shower for his girlfriend on a yacht. Way to ruin it for every normal guy.

  • The two best ones are probably "Cortland Finnegan is a douche" and "Ryan Tannehill looks like Daniel Tosh"