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Dolphins announce Knowshon Moreno visit; no signing yet

The Miami Dolphins announced the free agent visit of running back Knowshon Moreno today. No signing has been announced, however.

The Miami Dolphins continued their practice of announcing free agent visits today with the above tweet confirming running back Knowshon Moreno was in Miami today.  Notably absent, however, was an announcement that the Dolphins had signed Moreno.

The Dolphins are one of the few teams that confirm visits, sending out a tweet once the visit is over.  Moreno could have an offer from the Dolphins, and the two sides could still be in negotiations, but for now, the visit has ended.

Speculation today from multiple media outlets has been that the Dolphins and Moreno would come to a deal, possibly as early as today.  Moreno leaving the team facility without a signed deal is, hopefully, just a delay in the two sides reaching an agreement on a new contract.

Miami was the first free agent visit for Moreno, and, as of now, no other ones are known to be scheduled for the former Denver Broncos first round pick.