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John Jerry signs with Giants

Former Miami Dolphins guard John Jerry has signed with the New York Giants, according to a release from his new team.

The New York Giants added guard John Jerry to their roster today, according to a team release.  Jerry is a four year veteran and was a 2010 third round draft choice by the Miami Dolphins.  He was also indicated as one of three players involved in a "pattern of harassment" toward former Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.

Along with Jerry, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and free agent guard Richie Incognito were indicated by the league commissioned Ted Wells Report.  Martin has since been traded to the San Francisco 49ers, and there is no indication that the Dolphins plan to re-sign Incognito.

Pouncey and Jerry could still be disciplined by the NFL for their roles in the situation.  The league likely cannot add anything to Incognito, who was suspended for the second half of the season by the Dolphins last year.

Jerry has appeared in 57 games for the Dolphins in his four seasons, starting 45 of them.  He's played right guard and left tackle for the team.  He also had a history of showing up to training camp overweight, and was constantly in training camp battles for his starting position.  His weight battle was featured during the team's Hard Knocks appearance in 2012.  Former offensive line coach Jim Turner told HBO during the show's filming, ""If [Jerry] buys in he'll be an All-Pro. If he buys in, he will be one of the best players we have on that offensive line, without question."

In 2013, Jerry started all 16 games for the Dolphins, the only offensive lineman the team had do so.

Jerry was a solid player, but was never dominating in his time with the Dolphins.  He was able to do his job for the most part, but would often leave fans wanting more from the starting right guard.  He's a player who still could reach a higher level of play, but has seemed content with simply holding on to his starting position.