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NFL rule and bylaw proposals

The NFL owners will consider several rule, bylaw, and resolutions during next week's owners meeting. We take a look at all of the items up for a vote.

The NFL's owners meeting kicks off next week, with a full agenda. For us as fans of the game, some of the biggest items that impact us are the proposed rule changes that come from the Competition Committee up to the owners for a vote. Yesterday, during a conference call with Competition Committee Chairman and Atlanta Falcons owner Rich McKay, newly appointed NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent, and Competition Committee Member and St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, 13 playing rule changes were identified for the owners' consideration:

  • Move kickoffs to 40-yard line (proposed by Redskins)

  • Make personal foul penalties reviewable (Redskins)

  • No overtime in preseason games (Redskins)

  • Extend goalposts five feet higher (Patriots)

  • Move PAT line of scrimmage to 25-yard line (Patriots)

  • Add cameras to goal lines to assist with instant replay (Patriots)

  • Allow any referee's decision to be reviewable (Patriots)

  • Include blocks from the side in "roll-up" block personal foul penalties (Committee)

  • Allow replay communications between officials to include league representative at league office (Committee)

  • Make the recovery of a loose ball a reviewable play and reorganize the replay section of the rules (Committee)

  • Allow clock to run when quarterback is sacked at all times (Committee)

  • Remove one-yard interference zone and enforce pass interference anywhere beyond line of scrimmage (Committee)

  • Simplify penalty yardage enforcement on certain plays including change of possession (Committee)

The seven bylaw changes which will come up for consideration are:

  • Extend gameday active list players from 46 to 49 for games played on days other than Sunday or Monday (Redskins)

  • Raise the practice squad limit from eight to ten players (Redskins)

  • Allow players to be traded before the start of the new league year (Redskins)

  • Eliminate the first round of roster cuts (down to 75) and leave just one cut down to 53 (Redskins)

  • Permit more than one player to return to the active list from injured reserve during the season (any player can return after six weeks on IR) (Redskins)

  • Permit each club to time and test, at its facility, 10 players who attended the Combine and permit clubs to attend any timing or testing at another club's facility that involves three or more draft-eligible players (Eagles)

  • Adjust the time of roster reduction to 53, after the fourth preseason game, on Saturday. Adjust it from 6:00 PM ET to 4:00 PM ET time. (Committee)

Additionally, there is one resolution to be take to a vote:

  • Permit the home team, with a retractable roof [or wall], to open the closed roof and/or wall at halftime (Colts)