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Richie Incognito wants to return to Dolphins

After all the drama of the past season, the Miami Dolphins are looking to put the entire bullying scandal behind them and move on to the 2014 season. Guard Richie Incognito, the center figure in the investigation, however, wants to return to the Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins have spent this offseason attempting to clean up the mess left after tackle Jonathan Martin deserted the franchise mid way through the 2013 season, then levied allegations of player misconduct back on the team, and specifically on guard Richie Incognito. The league's investigation into the situation found a pattern of harassment toward Martin, conducted by Incognito, as well as guard John Jerry and center Mike Pouncey.

Since the report was released, the Dolphins have allowed both Jerry and Incognito to hit the free agency market, and traded Martin to the San Francisco 49ers. Miami is clearly looking to fix the locker room and put this behind them. Incognito, however, is not ready to give up on his playing career with the Dolphins.

"Returning to the Dolphins was my number one goal from the time I got suspended," Incognito told WSVN 7 News yesterday. "I want to return to the community in Miami and resume my playing career as soon as possible."

Incognito recently checked himself into a treatment facility after using a baseball bat to smash his Ferrari. Dolphins teammates were said to be worried about the drastic change in behavior fro Incognito, who seemed to be breaking down amid the weight of the allegations and investigation.

"I was stressed. I believe in post traumatic stress syndrome, and I believe in private mental health care," Incognito replied when asked by 7News why he went into treatment. The 2012 Pro Bowl selection returned to Twitter on Tuesday, and seems to be more positive than the Twitter rants he had just a few weeks ago.

He was asked by 7News if he had a message for fans of the team that was rocked by all of this last year. "Dolphins fans, Richie is well. Richie wants to come back and play. But the business has to handle the business end, and that's it."

You can check out the entire interview by watching the video on 7News website.