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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed 3/20/14

Check out the Miami Dolphins stories you may have missed over the past day, including take a look at all the sacks the Dolphins offensive line allowed this year.


Richie Incognito? Sorry, but there’s no one here by that name, Miami Dolphins say | The Daily Dolphin
We’ll leave it up to nature lovers and sound engineers to figure out what really happens when trees fall in the woods and no one’s around. Since this is

Watch all 58 sacks the Miami Dolphins allowed in 2013 (warning: it’s ugly) | The Daily Dolphin
The Dolphins gave up a league-high 58 sacks in 2013. It was so bad they had to trade for Bryant McKinnie midseason and move Jonathan Martin from left tackle


Dolphins' defensive needs tough to prioritize - Sun Sentinel
The Dolphins' defense need to stop the run and make more plays, but between free agency and the draft do they need LBs, DBs or DL the most?

Dolphins defense trying to change ... but not to 3-4 | Miami Dolphins In Depth
Last season, as the Dolphins declined in multiple defensive categories from the season before -- run defense, third-down defense, pass completion percentage, first downs allowed, yards allowed, and the the big one, points allowed -- there was the suggestion in...


ORLANDO: Miami Dolphins to send Baltimore seventh-round pick to complete Bryant McKinnie deal - Miami Dolphins -
The Dolphins' half-season rental of Bryant McKinnie ended up being a plus for both sides of the trade.

Not much left for Miami Dolphins in free agency | The Daily Dolphin
If the Dolphins want to rely on free agency to fill their remaining needs, the options are dwindling. Miami remains more than $20 million under the cap. But


Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed 3/19/14 - The Phinsider
A collection of Miami Dolphins stories from around the internet over the past 24 hours. Today's articles include running back may be the teams biggest need, sign Devin Hester for competition, and will the Dolphins get any compensatory picks?

Around SB Nation: What Other NFL Blogs Are Discussing - The Phinsider
Weekly, we take a look around the SB Nation family of NFL blogs. Here are the news stories and analysis they are discussing.

2014 Dolphins free agency rumors: Bryant McKinnie willing to play right tackle - The Phinsider
The Miami Dolphins are spending this offseason attempting to rebuild a decimated offensive line. While they have added a left tackle and a guard, the team still has a glaring need at right tackle. Could the answer be their 2013 left tackle?

Could C.J. Mosley be a Miami Dolphin in 2014? - The Phinsider
With the additions Miami made in free agency, could the Dolphins front office be gearing up for a move for C.J. Mosley in the 2014 NFL Draft?