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NFL Playoff System: How would you redesign the postseason?

As the NFL begins to consider adding another Wildcard slot to the Playoffs each year, we ask, if you could completely redesign the postseason tournament, how would you do it?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Playoffs could be changing, as early as 2015, according to various reports this week. The top proposal is for an additional team from each conference being added, moving the total playoff participants from 12 to 14. That would mean, in 2013, the Arizona Cardinals and their 10-6 record would have claimed the additional NFC slot, while the Pittsburgh Steelers would have made the AFC side of the tournament at 8-8.

Today, we ask for your plan to redo the playoffs. Do you stick with the current 12 team plan? Would you move to 14? Would you scrap the divisions? Conferences?

Would you consider SB Nation author Kenneth Arthur's 28-team playoff format? He explains it:

Every franchise except for the Bills, Browns, Raiders andLions vies for the right to be the Super Bowl champion!

Nah, this is too similar to our current system.

How would you redesign the NFL playoffs?