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Dolphins depth chart through Free Agency day 4 - Offense

The Miami Dolphins have had a busy free agency period, signing players on both sides of the ball. How has free agency impacted the depth chart? We take a look, starting with the offense.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Free Agency period impacts a team's depth chart like no other time of the year. From players signing with other teams to new arrivals, a team can have a very drastic change from one year to the next, simply over a few days in March. For the Miami Dolphins, that is exactly what is happening, so we stop and take a look at the club's depth chart after the fourth day of free agency, starting with the offense.


  1. Ryan Tannehill

  2. Matt Moore

  3. Pat Devlin

Remarks: Pretty obvious that the team is happy with this as the depth chart heading into the season. I still think another quarterback is added to the roster, either late in the draft or, potentially, as an undrafted free agent. Most likely, however, this is the opening day depth chart.

Running Back:

  1. Lamar Miller

  2. Daniel Thomas

  3. Marcus Thigpen

  4. Mike Gillislee

  5. Cameron Marshall

Remarks: Everyone seems to agree that Miami will address the running back position at some point. When they will do it is the question still to be answered. Players like Maurice Jones-Drew and LeGarrette Blount have fans wanting a free agent signing, but drafting someone like Tre Mason or Storm Johnson could also be the way the team looks.

Wide Receiver:

  1. Mike Wallace

  2. Brian Hartline

  3. Brandon Gibson

  4. Rishard Matthews

  5. Armon Binns

  6. Ryan Spadola

Remarks: There's not a lot of reasons for Miami to spend a lot of time addressing the wide receiver position this offseason, given the amount of money they sunk into the spot last year. That doesn't mean they won't add either a veteran or draft a rookie late, but, it would nto be overly surprising if this were the draft chart when the season opens.

Tight End:

  1. Charles Clay

  2. Michael Egnew

  3. Dion Sims

  4. Kyle Miller

  5. Emmanuel Ogbuehi

Remarks: There's probably a move still out there somewhere, and perhaps it's signing Dustin Keller to come back. More likely, Miami would want to get a true tight end, one who can compliment Clay, but is also a better blocker than Egnew or Sims, both of whom are developing, but still have a way to go to be a good in-line blocker. Miller is clearly a developmental player, and Ogbuehi is a training camp body at this point, though the fact that Miami lists him as a tight end/fullback does make him a little more interesting when it comes to projecting a roster spot.

Left Tackle:

  1. Branden Albert

  2. Jason Weaver

Remarks: Depth is needed, but the left tackle position was locked down when the Dolphins signed Albert in free agency.

Left Guard:

  1. Shelley Smith

  2. Sam Brenner

Remarks: Right now, this is probably the best battle on the offensive side of the ball. Both Smith and Brenner have a few starts under their belt, but neither is head-and-shoulders above the other at this point. The Dolphins could still add a veteran or high-draft pick to take the starting position; if they don't, this will be a position to watch this summer.


  1. Mike Pouncey

Remarks: Pouncey is the one starter from last year's opening day who should be back at the starter in 2014 (assuming no suspension is coming from the league for the bullying scandal, but that's another issue). Brenner will likely serve as the backup behind Pouncey.

Right Guard:

  1. Nate Garner

  2. Dallas Thomas

  3. David Arkin

Remarks: Garner appears to be the early favorite to start at guard, if no one else is added to the roster. We are also making an assumption here that Thomas is moved to guard, rather than tackle where the coaching staff had him all of last year. A drafted guard could be the right player to slide into this position.

Right Tackle:

  1. Michael Ola

Remarks: Expect this to look a lot different by the time the season rolls around.