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2014 Miami Dolphins needs, free agents, draft, and more - Quarterback

A look at the Miami Dolphins roster heading into the NFL's 2014 Free Agency period. We break down the team's needs, the top players available, and what could happen. Today, we continue with the quarterbacks.


The final day of the three day "unofficial" free agent contact period, when teams can speak with agents, but are not able to actually sign the players until the league year changes at 4pm ET on Tuesday, in underway. As we get ready for the madness that is free agency, we take a look at the status of the Miami Dolphins' roster, as well as the needs and potential solutions for each area of the roster. We've already looked at the defense, so today we move to the offense and, where else do you start on offense but with the quarterback.

Current Roster:

Number Player Position HT WT Age Exp School
8 Moore, Matt QB 6'3" 216 29 7 Oregon State
17 Tannehill, Ryan QB 6'4" 222 25 2 Texas A&M

Potential Free Agents:

Number Player Position HT WT Age Exp School
Devlin, Pat QB 6'3" 225 25 3 Delaware

Roster Status:

This may be the most boring of the series, as the Dolphins are set at quarterback for this season. Assuming they place a qualifying tender on Pat Devlin, there probably will not be any change to the signal callers this year.

Potentially, Matt Moore could be released for salary cap space, but with some $35 million still remaining against the cap, they can keep the veteran backup one more season as they continue to develop Ryan Tannehill.

Top 5 Free Agents:

Rank Player 2013 Team
1 Michael Vick Philadelphia Eagles
2 Josh McCown Chicago Bears
3 Matt Flynn Green Bay Packers
4 Rex Grossman Washington Redskins
5 Josh Freeman Minnesota Vikings

Top 5 Draft Prospects:

Rank Player College
1 Teddy Bridgewater Louisville
2 Blake Bortles UCF
3 Johnny Manziel Texas A&M
4 Derek Carr Fresno State
5 Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois

Nogle's Offseason Projection:

A boring position this year, which is really a good thing, the quarterbacks probably wind up looking exactly like they did last year. I believe in selecting a quarterback each year in the draft, so I will predict the team does that. They will then have a decision to make during training camp, which could wind up being releasing the rookie, Moore, or Devlin. A player like Tajh Boyd late could make a lot of sense, if you are willing to give him time to develop.

Projected Depth Chart: