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NFL Free Agency 2014: NFC North soon-to-be free agents

The 2013 NFL regular season is complete. Over the next couple of weeks, we will build our Phinsider free agency tracker, one division at a time. We continue today with the NFC North.

Stephen Dunn

The NFL's 2013 season is officially over, but the news, rumors, and preparation never stops as the teams all get ready for 2014.. As we work our way through the Miami Dolphins' offseason, the first major event for the NFL will be the start of free agency in March.

This year, we are going to build a tracker of every available free agent, looking at each division before putting the full list together. So far, we've completed the AFC North, South, and West, as well as the NFC East. Today, we turn our attention to the NFC North.

(Note on the table: if you click on the column title, it will sort by that column.)

Last Name First Name Position Type 2013 Team 2014 Team
Abdul-Quddus Isa S RFA Detroit Lions
Akers David KR UFA Detroit Lions
Allen Jared DE UFA Minnesota Vikings
Anderson James LB UFA Chicago Bears
Asiata Matt RB ERFA Minnesota Vikings
Banjo Chris S ERFA Green Bay Packers
Bell Joique RB RFA Detroit Lions
Bell Kahlil RB UFA Green Bay Packers
Berger Joe C UFA Minnesota Vikings
Bishop Desmond LB UFA Minnesota Vikings
Boggs Taylor C ERFA Chicago Bears
Bowman Zack CB UFA Chicago Bears
Britton Eben G UFA Chicago Bears
Cohen Landon DT UFA Chicago Bears
Collins Nate DT UFA Chicago Bears
Constanzo Blake LB UFA Chicago Bears
Cook Chris CB UFA Minnesota Vikings
Dean Larry LB RFA Minnesota Vikings
Dickerson Dorin TE RFA Detroit Lions
Dietrich-Smith Evan C UFA Green Bay Packers
Durham Kris WR ERFA Detroit Lions
Evans Fred DT UFA Minnesota Vikings
Finley Jermichael TE UFA Green Bay Packers
Fluellen Andre DT UFA Detroit Lions
Flynn Matt QB UFA Green Bay Packers
Fox Jason T UFA Detroit Lions
Francois Rob LB UFA Green Bay Packers
Freeman Josh QB UFA Minnesota Vikings
Gandy Dylan G UFA Detroit Lions
Garza Roberto C UFA Chicago Bears
Gerhart Toby RB UFA Minnesota Vikings
Greenwood Chris CB ERFA Detroit Lions
Griffen Everson DE UFA Minnesota Vikings
Hayden Kelvin CB UFA Chicago Bears
Hester Devin KR UFA Chicago Bears
Hill Shaun QB UFA Detroit Lions
Idonije Israel DE UFA Detroit Lions
Jennings MD S RFA Green Bay Packers
Johnson Charlie T UFA Minnesota Vikings
Jolly Johnny DT UFA Green Bay Packers
Jones James WR UFA Green Bay Packers
Kuhn John FB UFA Green Bay Packers
Lattimore Jamari LB RFA Green Bay Packers
Mannelly Patrick LS UFA Chicago Bears
Martin Derrick S UFA Chicago Bears
Mathis Rashean DB UFA Detroit Lions
McCown Josh QB UFA Chicago Bears
McIntosh Rocky LB UFA Detroit Lions
McManis Sherrick CB UFA Chicago Bears
Melton Henry DT UFA Chicago Bears
Mitchell Marvin LB UFA Minnesota Vikings
Muhlbach Don LS UFA Detroit Lions
Neal Mike DE UFA Green Bay Packers
Newhouse Marshall T UFA Green Bay Packers
Ogletree Kevin WR UFA Detroit Lions
Palmer Jordan QB UFA Chicago Bears
Pettigrew Brandon TE UFA Detroit Lions
Pickett Ryan DT UFA Green Bay Packers
Quarless Andrew TE UFA Green Bay Packers
Raiola Dominic C UFA Detroit Lions
Raji BJ DT UFA Green Bay Packers
Ratliff Jeremiah DT UFA Chicago Bears
Rosario Dante TE UFA Chicago Bears
Ross Jeremy WR ERFA Detroit Lions
Scott Jonathan T UFA Chicago Bears
Sherels Marcus CB RFA Minnesota Vikings
Shields Sam CB UFA Green Bay Packers
Simpson Jerome WR UFA Minnesota Vikings
Spurlock Michael WR UFA Detroit Lions
Stanford Julian LB ERFA Detroit Lions
Starks James RB UFA Green Bay Packers
Steltz Craig S UFA Chicago Bears
Tillman Charles CB UFA Chicago Bears
Veldman Matt TE ERFA Detroit Lions
Wallace Seneca QB UFA Green Bay Packers
Walters Anthony S RFA Chicago Bears
Webb J'Marcus T UFA Minnesota Vikings
Webb Joe WR UFA Minnesota Vikings
Wendling John S UFA Detroit Lions
Williams DJ LB UFA Chicago Bears
Williams Kevin DT UFA Minnesota Vikings
Wilson CJ DE UFA Green Bay Packers
Wootton Corey DE UFA Chicago Bears
Wright Major S UFA Chicago Bears
Young Willie DE UFA Detroit Lions