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Brian Hartline's Ferrari F430 by Eldred Tailored

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Eldred Tailored, a company designed to "tailor cars to high profile executives, celebreties, and professional athletes," recently worked with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline on a new Ferrari F430. Here's a look at Hartline, and the car.

Let's face it. Every one of us wants to own the high powered, gorgeous sports car. We see the videos of the car and wish we had the money to own it, but know most of us never will. Blake Meacham, the ridiculously young (yes, there's some jealousy there) 22-year-old founder and owner of Eldred Tailored, knows exactly what we all think when we see those car videos, and he wants to do something about it.

In a duPont Registry Autofluence article about Meacham's new web series "Beyond the Grind," Ed Jones writes, the series "is aimed to motivate and give viewers a sense of determination. Each video will highlight a car that they have built and the work ethic of its owner. Through these videos, he wants people to become more determined. Instead of thinking, 'must be nice to own these cars,' viewers should think, 'I can’t wait to own these cars.'"

Which is where the above video comes into play. The first video in the series features Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline, who explained to the Eldred Tailored team that he "wanted a car he could take to the track and still feel the true elements of a race car. He wanted a car that has both an aggressive drive and look." They eventually found a red Ferrari F430, and went to work.

They completely overhauled the car, from the engine to the body color, and presented Hartline the car featured in the video. For more on the overhaul, check out Jones' article. And, enjoy the video.