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Introduce yourself to The Phinsider

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The Phinsider has seen a huge increase in members of the past few months. So, why not take a moment and introduce yourself!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Phinsider has seen an enormous amount of growth over the past few months. That means, there are a lot of new, and returning, readers to the site, and contrinutors to comments and Fan Posts/Fan Shots. We want all of you to feel likt his is your Miami Dolphins home, a place where you can come to not only get news and opinions on the Dolphins, but a place where you should feel free to express your own thoughts and opinions.

I thought today, as we all settle down from the NFL season, and aren't quite into the craziness of the offseason yet, would be a good day to ask you to introduce yourself. This isn't just for the new members, however, it's also a chance for us to remember how we all found this site, and what made us Dolphins fans. Here are the three questions we want you to answer:

1. How/when did you find The Phinsider?

2. How/when did you become a Dolphins fan?

3. If you could only do one thing (one player signing, one draft pick, one trade, etc.)this offseason for the Dolphins, what would it be?

I'll, of course, start. I found the site in 2008, when I was deployed in Iraq and looking for a way to follow the Dolphins. I actually joined and started commenting in September of that year, before working up to a regular front page Fan Post contributor, then in 2010, I was made a contributing author on the site and in 2011, I was made an editor. I took over the site in July 2011, and have been doing it ever since. I've been a Dolphins fan since the day I was born, with my mother being the main catalyst in that. And, if I could do one thing for Miami this year, I would somehow draft Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans. I know the Dolphins need to address the offensive line, but I feel like Evans is going to be that special of a receiver that I would somehow land him in May's NFL Draft.

See, it's not that hard. So, it's now your turn.