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NFL schedule 2014: How many primetime games for the Miami Dolphins?

After a disappointing end to the 2013 NFL season, how well will the Miami Dolphins be represented during the primetime schedule for next season?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL season ended in a frustrating manner for the Miami Dolphins. Needing one win in the team's final two games to earn their first playoff berth since 2008, the Dolphins proceeded to score a grand total of seven points and lose both contests. Will the collapse down the stretch hurt Miami's chances for primetime scheduling in the 2014 season?

Last season, the Dolphins appeared twice on Monday Night Football and once on Thursday Night Football. They went 1-2 in those contests, winning the Thursday night game but dropping both Monday night matchups. The Dolphins were riding the huge offseason momentum into the primetime scheduling last year, but won't have the luxury of that this year. Does that mean fewer appearances at night for Miami?

Every team in the league is guaranteed at least one primetime contest. The Dolphins are also guaranteed to be the nationally televised Sunday afternoon game in Week 4, when they play the Oakland Raiders in London, technically a home game for Oakland. Where else could a large national audience see the Dolphins this year?

Looking at Miami’s schedule, they will host the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, and Baltimore Ravens. They will also visit the Bills, Patriots, Jets, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, and Jacksonville Jaguars, along with the Raiders game.

A key game to watch is the Lions contest. With Detroit annually hosting one of the three Thanksgiving Day games, and the rotation between the Dallas Cowboys and Lions on AFC and NFC opponents, the Dolphins are in position to be playing on Thanksgiving this year. The only two AFC opponents on Detroit’s home schedule are the Bills and Dolphins.

Other than the potential Thanksgiving game, there are a few other games that could garner national attention. Any game against the Jets has the possibility of being worthy of a Monday night game. Games against the Chargers or Ravens could also be considered worthy of a Thursday night or Sunday night contest.

Which brings us to our poll question. How many primetime games do you think the Dolphins will get this year? Vote below.