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2014 NFL Free Agency: What Miami Dolphins players would you re-sign?

With the NFL officially in the offseason, free agency is just around the corner. Today, you have been given the power to re-sign any and all of the Miami Dolphins' soon-to-be free agents. Who do you bring back to the team in 2014, and who do you let walk?

Chris Trotman

The start of the NFL's Free Agency period is just a few weeks away. While last year's signing period featured the Miami Dolphins spending like it was going out of style, this year will likely be a more reserved time, with Miami looking to upgrade specific positions and spreading their salary cap around. Before we get to the March 11 start to free agency, the Dolphins have to make some important decisions: Which of their soon-to-be free agents do they want to re-sign?

While new Miami General Manager Dennis Hickey will be trying to decide exactly that, we want to turn to you. You've been given the power to re-sign Miami's players with expiring contracts. Assume that Dawn Aponte will work her magic to keep under the salary cap. Who do you target? Who do you allow to leave?

In the poll below, you can select as many of the players who will be hitting the open market next month as you want. You can select one, you can select them all. Feel free to add a comment about why you are selecting the players you have. We will then compile all the results and bring you Miami's free agent re-signing "big board." You can, of course, also discuss your picks in the comments at the end of the article.