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Dolphins bullying scandal report to be released Thursday according to report

After a week of back-and-forth between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, with the Miami Dolphins caught in the middle, it now appears there is a date for the release of the Tedd Wells report.


The Miami Dolphins have been dealing with speculation and he-said/he-said for the past three months as the allegations of player misconduct and bullying from Jonathan Martin swirl around the team. Now, it appears there may be an end in sight.

According to's Michael Silver, the report from Ted Wells on the situation is expected to be released Thursday. The league is expected to make the report public once it is finalized.

Wells spent December interviewing Martin, suspended guard Richie Incognito, the target of most of the allegations, and the Dolphins' players, coaches, and executives. The report has been held until after the Super Bowl, which was played last night. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said last week that he has an idea of what is in the report, and that the team will take any actions necessary once it is released.

Martin originally left the team on October 28 after a prank in the team's cafeteria. He then levied his allegations on November 2, with the Dolphins subsequently suspending Incognito later that day. Neither player returned to the team the rest of the season. Ross has said he does not believe either player will play for the Dolphins again. Incognito is scheduled to be a free agent this March, while Martin is still under contract with the club.