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Tyson Clabo criticizes Ted Wells report

The list of Miami Dolphins players who have come out against the Ted Wells report continues to grow. Offensive tackle Tyson Clabo spoke against the report today on SiriusXM Radio.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bryant McKinnie. Andrew McDonald. John Denney. Now Tyson Clabo. The list of current and former Miami Dolphins players who are speaking out against the Ted Wells report, the NFL's investigation into the locker room culture and bullying that has surrounded the team since the end of October, continues to grow. Earlier today, Clabo, the offensive tackle who joined the Dolphins this past season on a one year contract, appeared on SiriusXM Radio's NFL channel and refuted the report.

"I don't feel like the people involved in those situations feel like the report was an accurate portrayal of those events," Clabo said. "Most of those things were the funniest things I've ever been a part of. Where everybody in the room was nearly falling out of their chair. You try to explain those jokes to people later, it doesn't translate."

Clabo described the relationship between tackle Jonathan Martin and guard Richie Incognito has a friendship. "I've been around the league for a long time," Clabo stated. "What I saw [was] two guys that were buddies."

Clabo continued, stating things could have been handled differently, if Martin had just said something. "I wish he had told us that he was having a problem. Then, we could have worked it out. But that wasn't the path at took and this is what happens. There's nothing we can do about it. You just have to move forward."

The discussion also mentioned offensive line coach Jim Turner and head trainer Kevin O'Neill, both of whom were fired by the Dolphins after the Wells report was released. "I feel bad for Coach Turner and for Kevin O'Neill," Clabo explained. "Jim Tuner is one of the best football coaches that I've had the pleasure to be around, For him to lose his job over that whole thing is unfortunate."

When asked about Incognito, Clabo responded, "Good teammate to me and an even better player. He was going to make the Pro Bowl and was playing at a very high level."

The Wells report found that Incognito, along with guard John Jerry and center Mike Pouncey, engaged in patterns of harassment when it came to their treatment of Martin. Martin left the team in October, with the club suspending Incognito a week later, a suspension that remained throughout the season. Well was hired by the league to investigate the situation, releasing his final report two weeks ago.