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Monday Night Random Live Thread:RIP Harold Ramis Edition

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Monday Night Random Live Thread:RIP Harold Ramis Edition

Today we found out that the great Harold Ramis passed away at the age of 69. If you are like me and was a child of the 80's then the various projects that he worked on where probably a big part of your childhood too. Most of his films of that time I have since shown to my own son as the true classics of comedy. For some of the younger crowd this news probably does not really move the needle but for many of us this was a huge loss.

Ramis began his career in comedy in 1970 performing and studying with the legendary improv comedy troupe, Chicago's Second City. He later worked for National Lampoon in NY before finally going back to Second City to become a head writer and performer for the legendary SCTV during its first three seasons (1976-79). He left SCTV to get in to film work first co-writing a script that would become National Lampoon's Animal House. He followed that up by co-writing the script to Meatballs that starred his close friend and oft collaborator Bill Murray.

He went on from there to write and star in the comedy classic Stripes, direct National Lampoon's Vacation, co-write Caddyshack, write and star in both Ghostbuster films and to write, direct and produce Groundhog Day among many other films and TV's shows as an actor, director and writer. Ramis was discovered to have an autoimmune disease in 2009 which led to him needing to learn to walk again in 2010. Ramis passed away at his home in Chicago this morning as a result of complications of his disease. He is survived by his wife Erica of 25 years and his three children.

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