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NFL Scouting Combine: Greg Robinson 'not trying to be nice'

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The NFL Scouting Combine enetrs its third day today. Yesterday, Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson took center stage.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL Scouting Combine began the first day of measurements and workout events yesterday, one player dominated the day. Auburn tackle Greg Robinson, who weighed in at a svelte 332 pounds on his 6'5" frame, completed 32 reps on the bench press, then spoke to reporters about his fierce playing style despite a relatively reserved personality.

"I wouldn't say [I play] angry," Robinson said, according to SB Nation's Dan Kadar. "But, I'm not trying to be nice."

"I'm far from a thug. I've never been in really any trouble," Robinson continued. "Growing up, I was kind of bad but that was because I had older brothers. If they're not looking for a thug, they can invest in me."

For the Miami Dolphins, who are coming off a season in which they allowed a franchise record 58 sacks and saw their offensive line decimated by desertions, suspensions, injuries, and poor play, a player of Robinson's skill could be exactly what the team needs. With all the bad publicity surrounding the franchise, adding a player who is "far from a thug" may be the perfect fit.

For more on the NFL Scouting Combine's second day, check out the report from Kadar over on