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Super Bowl 48: Picks from the Phinsider and SB Nation

Super Bowl XLVIII is tonight, ending six months of the 2013-2014 NFL season. Who will win tonight? We have the picks from the Phinsider contributors, as well as from SB Nation.

Tom Pennington

It's Super Bowl Sunday, with the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks set to meet in the 48th edition of the NFL's AFC versus NFC championship game. Who has the advantage tonight? According to Las Vegas, the Broncos have around a two-and-a-half point advantage. However, we aren't worried about the spread, but rather straight up winners.

I asked the Phinsider contributors and some of the top NFL guys from SB Nation for their winner from tonight's Super Bowl XLVIII. Here are the official picks:

Kevin Nogle Den_logo_away_medium
Keith Beebe Sea_logo_away_medium
Chris Early Sea_logo_away_medium
James McKinney Den_logo_away_medium
KDog92 Den_logo_away_medium
jamesradio1979 Sea_logo_away_medium
Sean Donovan Sea_logo_away_medium
Brian Naidus Den_logo_away_medium
Ryan Van Bibber
Turf Show Times
Joel Thorman
Arrowhead Pride
Jason Chilton
Barking Carnival
Stephen White
Retired NFL DE
David Fucillo
Niners Nation
Matt Ufford