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Super Bowl prop bets 2014: A list of prop bets for today's game

The Super Bowl is upon us, and that means Las Vegas is raking in the money today. Besides betting on the outcome of the game, you can also place side bets on hundreds of events before, during, and after the game. We have a list of the prop bets.

The NFL's title game is here. Super Bowl XLVIII will dominate TV today, from pre-game shows through the game itself and the commercials on to the post-game recaps and analysis. In Las Vegas, money is flying all around today as people bet on the game. But, it's not just the winner of the game that is bet upon, but rather a whole list of side bets that can be made, from yardage totals to Gatorade color to Dwight Howard missed free throws versus sacks in the Super Bowl.

Here's a listing of all the prop bets we could find for today's game:


Peyton Manning: over/under 289 yards

Russell Wilson: over/under 210 yards

Manning favored by 78 yards passing head-to-head vs. Wilson

20% chance Wilson throws more than 3 TD passes (Yes +375 | No -450)

37% chance Manning throws more than 3 TD passes (Yes +160 | No -180)

54% chance Wilson throws an interception (Yes -130 | No +110)

63% chance P. Manning throws an interception (Yes -185 | No +165)

Total Rushing Yards (over/under)

Seahawks team: 129.5 yards

Broncos team: 93.5 yards

Marshawn Lynch: 92 yards

Knowshon Moreno: 59 yards

Montee Ball: 35.5 yards

Russell Wilson: 33 yards

Will Manning score a touchdown (rushing or receiving): 10/1 against

Receiving Yards (over/under)

Demaryius Thomas: 73.5 yards

Eric Decker: 61.5 yards

Wes Welker: 55.5 yards

Julius Thomas: 51.5 yards

Golden Tate: 48.5 yards

Percy Harvin: 46.5 yards

Doug Baldwin: 40.5 yards

Alternative Spreads:

Seattle +17.5 ($950 wins $100)

Denver -17.5 ($100 wins $625)

Seattle -38.5 ($100 wins $10,000)

Denver -38.5 ($100 wins $7,500)

Percentage Chance

10% chance there will be a score in the first 90 seconds of the game (Yes +850 | No -1600)

12% chance, IF Denver wins, Peyton Manning retires before Game 1 of next year (Yes +700 | No -1500)

13% chance the game will go into overtime (Yes +650 | No -900)

14% chance there will be a safety (Yes +600 | No -800)

18% chance there will be a successful two-point conversation (Yes +425 | No -500)

19% chance Richard Sherman gets a taunting penalty during the game (Yes +400 | No -700)

19% chance Peyton Manning throws a "Pick 6" (Yes +400 | No -700)

22% chance the game is decided by exactly 3-points (Yes +350 | No -400)

23% Percy Harvin is knocked out of the game by injury (Yes +300 | No -500)

25% chance MORE THAN two players combined will throw a pass (Yes +290 | No -350)

28% chance Seattle scores in all four quarters (Yes +250 | No -290)

29% chance Denver scores in all four quarters (Yes +240 | No -270)

29% chance that at least one quarter will be scoreless (Yes +235 | No -275)

31% chance Richard Sherman will intercept a pass (Yes +210 | No -250)

36% chance BOTH teams kick field goals of 33 yards or longer (Yes +170 | No -190)

37% chance there will be a special teams or defensive touchdown (Yes +160 | No -180)

40% chance there will be a lead change in the second half (Yes +140 | No -170)

54% chance total points in game will be an ODD number (Yes -135 | No +105)

57% chance there will be a missed field goal (Yes -150 | No +120)

59% chance that 8 OR MORE Broncos will catch a pass (Yes -155 | No +135)

60% chance the first score of the game will be a touchdown (Yes -160 | No +140)

60% chance the team that scores first will win the game (Yes -160 | No +140)

50/50 Props (odds say either side of these props has exactly a 50% chance)

Will there be a score in the first 6.5 minutes of the game?

Will the shortest touchdown be more or less than 1.5 yards?

Will the score be tied AFTER 0-0?

Will Denver score a rushing touchdown?

Will player who scores first touchdown have a jersey number above or below 79.5?

What will be mentioned more: Denver's #1 offense OR Seattle's #1 defense?

Will Wes Welker drop a pass during the game (based on official statistics)?

Will any Red Hot Chili Peppers member be shirtless during the performance?

Over/Under . . .

Over/Under for summed yardage of ALL touchdowns combined: 75.5 yards

Over/Under for longest touchdown of the game: 44 yards

Over/Under for longest made field goal of the game: 43.5 yards

Over/Under for shortest made field goal of the game: 24.5 yards

Over/Under for number of points in highest scoring quarter of game: 20 points

Over/Under for largest lead of the game by either team: 14 points

Over/Under for total number of interceptions by both teams combined: 1.5 interceptions

Over/Under for net yards by both teams combined: 702.5 yards

Over/Under for Renee Fleming to sing the National Anthem: 2 minutes and 23 seconds

Cross-Sport Props

LeBron James points (on 2/1 vs. Knicks) favored by 5.5 over Seattle's total points

LeBron James 3-pointers made (on 2/1 vs. Knicks) EVEN MONEY vs. R. Wilson TD passes

Manning number of pass attempts favored by 7.5 over Durant points (on 2/1 vs. Washington)

Manning completions EVEN MONEY vs. Carmelo Anthony points (on 2/1 vs. Heat)

Dwight Howard free throws missed (on 2/1) EVEN MONEY vs. total sacks by both teams in Super Bowl

Manning gross passing yards EVEN MONEY vs combined points scored by FOUR Big 10 teams (Monday's games for: Michigan, Indiana, Purdue, Penn State)

Dale Earnhardt's finish at Daytona 500 vs. Russell Wilson's longest rush in game

Straight Scores

10% chance either team scores FIVE straight times (Yes +900 | No -1800)

29% chance either team scores FOUR straight times (Yes +235 | No -275)

62% chance either team scores THREE straight times (Yes -175 | No +155)

Times Shown on TV

Eli Manning: over/under 1.5 times (Over -140 | Under +100)

Archie Manning: over/under 1 time (Over -160 | Under +120)

54% chance Erin Andrews will be shown before Pam Oliver after kickoff

Times Mentioned During Broadcast

"12th Man": over/under 2 times (Over +100 | Under -140)

"Beast Mode": over/under 2 times (Over +110 | Under -150)

21% chance announcers say "Marijuana" during the game (Yes +350 | No -600)

37% chance announcers mention Russell Wilson being drafted by MLB (Yes +150 | No -200)

Big Payoff Props

Seattle OR Denver shutout: 50/1

Seattle OR Denver score exactly two-points: 2500/1

7 or less points combined scored in Super Bowl: 200/1

Seattle scores 50 or more points: 30/1

Denver scores 50 or more points: 25/1

First offense play results in touchdown: 25/1

Manning throws for 6 or more TD passes: 20/1

Wilson throws 6 or more TD passes: 75/1

Wilson throws for more than 500 yards: 100/1

Manning throws for more than 500 yards: 18/1

Lynch rushes for more than 200 yards: 35/1

Super Bowl MVP odds:

P. Manning: $100 wins $120

R. Wilson 4/1

M. Lynch 5/1

D. Thomas 20/1

K. Moreno 20/1

P. Harvin 25/1

R. Sherman 25/1

E. Decker 33/1

W. Welker 35/1

J. Thomas 35/1

D. Baldwin 50/1

E. Thomas 50/1

G. Tate 50/1

Wacky & Unusual Props (via Bovada)

Over/Under for number of times Peyton Manning says "Omaha" during the game: 27.5 times

23% chance Michael Crabtree mentions Richard Sherman in a tweet during the game (Yes +300 | No -500)

26% chance Knowshon Moreno cries during National Anthem (Yes +250 | No -400)

31% chance it will snow during the game (Yes +200 | No -300)

31% chance Erin Andrews will interview Richard Sherman live after the game (Yes +200 | No -300)

54% chance lowest temperature anytime during game is OVER 28 degrees (Yes -140 | +100)

56% chance temperature at kickoff OVER 32 degrees (Yes -150 | No +110)

Over/Under for number of people who will view the game: 112 million

Will the power go out in the stadium during the game: 20/1 against

First Bruno Mars song . . .

Locked out of Heaven: -125
Treasure: 3/1
Grenade: 11/2
Just the Way You Are: 9/1
Gorilla: 10/1
Marry You: 12/1
The Lazy Song: 12/1

MVP Speech will mention first . . .

Teammates: 2/1
God: 5/2
Fans: 5/1
Other Team: 7/1
Coach: 12/1
Family: 12/1
Owner: 25/1
None of Above: 4/1

[Odds above, unless otherwise noted, are a consensus average from Vegas and online books - with a special emphasis on the LVH and Bovada]

Thanks to RJ Bell of for the above compilation.