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Phinsider Flash Poll: What Should Happen With Mike Pouncey

Following up where ESPN left of I was hoping to gauge the pulse of those here on the Phinsider as to what should happen following the Wells report, if anything to Mike Pouncey, as I consider our site a better representation of what Dolphins fans think.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I was looking around the internet and I came across a poll here on what should happen to Mike Pouncey following the revelations that he was somehow involved in the whole Martin/Incognito scandal as outlined in the Wells report. For me, beyond the accusations of bullying the most disturbing part of the Pouncey involvement might be, if the Wells report is to be believed, is the fact that Pouncey either directly lied to or intentionally tried to mislead the investigators.

I know that some will argue that lying to the investigator is not a violation of league policy and this might be true but it is safe to assume that the only reason that he was talking to Wells in the first place was that he was ordered to do so by his employer, the Miami Dolphins. Likewise I have to assume that he was directed by his employer to fully cooperate with and and be truthful and forthright with the investigator. Of course no laws or league rules would have been violated but lying to an employer or his agent working on his behalf (in this case Wells) is for pretty much anyone, grounds to be fired, demoted or at the very least suspended.

When I saw the story and the poll on ESPN I found it interesting but I also wondered how skewed it was by the fact that it was on ESPN. I would guess that a large number of those voting were not in fact Dolphins fans and had no stake in the outcome of Pounceys position with the club so I decided to do a poll of our own.