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Offseason Talk: Best non-quarterback draft pick in Dolphins history

Our offseason talk series continues today with a question about the best Miami Dolphins non-quarterback draft pick of all time. Who was it, and why do you think he was the best?

Chris Trotman

Every year, the NFL Draft is full of selections that are immediately loved or immediately panned. There are players that are "sure-things" who bust, and there are "reaches" who become stars. Hall of Famers come from every round of the Draft, including Roosevelt Brown of the New York Giants, who was selected in the 1953 Draft's 27th round.

That brings us to today's Offseason Talk question. First, we are going to put a stipulation, however. Your choice cannot be a quarterback (sorry Chad Henne and Pat White).

What non-quarterback was the best draft pick ever for the Miami Dolphins?

Of course, we want to know why as well. Let us know in the comments below.